Revitealize – Detox & Energy Tea


A Total Tea as a Gentle Detox and a natural Energy Booster.

Size: 150 mL – 5 Fl Oz Pouch
Can Make 30-35 cups Hot Tea or 15-20 cups Iced Tea (8 oz/240 ml per cup)

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This herbal infusion combines the benefits of a detox tea and an energy boosting tea. It can also fight common cold and elevate your mood.
This Total Wellness Tea has unique blend of natural herbs that promotes energy and reduces mental fatigue to REVI-TEA-LIZE you!


  • Taste: Spiced orange notes with sweet vanilla-clove bouquet.
  • Aroma: Sweet citrus notes, balanced with a spiced finish.
  • Caffeine: Low


Yerba Maté, Rooibos, Calendula, Rose Petals, Rosehip Shells, Lemon Balm, Blackberry Leaves, Hibiscus Flowers, Linden, Chamomile, Spearmint, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, Cloves, Anise, Black Pepper, Coriander, Star Anise, Vanilla beans, Orange Flowers and Peels, Natural Flavours.
Ingredients Note: we do not add any kind of sweeteners to any of our teas, including no stevia, no candied or sugar-coated ingredients. We leave that option up to you!

Tea Benefits

This Total Tea has double functionality:

  • GENTLE DETOX is a complete digestive aid herbal tea that increases energy, reduces stress, removes toxins and replenishes with anti-oxidants. Also combats the common cold!
  • HERBAL ENERGY is a unique blend of herbs that promotes energy and reduces mental fatigue.

Warning: Consulting with your healthcare practitioner about health benefits of any tea is always recommended.
Health Benefits Disclosure: Let’s be blunt about this whole tea and health thing: you need to take a lot of these claims with a grain of salt! Ultimately, to see if it works for you, you’ll need to try the tea for yourself. We all know that drinking tea is good for us, and let’s not forget that the pleasure of drinking it is also good for our health!
It is also well-known that all types of tea have varying levels of benefits. Any suggested or mentioned benefits on our website are merely our generalized opinions and experiences, including many clients’ feedbacks, and should not be relied upon as professional Health and Medical opinions, facts, directions or instructions.

Suggested Preparation

Hot Tea: Scoop 1-2 *Perfect Teaspoon of tea per 8oz/240ml of hot water. Steep for 5-7 minutes.
Iced Tea: Double the amount of tea, still using hot water. Add an extra minute or two to steeping time then cool in fridge.
Note: If you want stronger tea, use more leaves instead of steeping for a longer time.
*Our Perfect Teaspoon is approximately 5ml and is sold in Tea Accessories.

Re-Steeping Times: 2+
Basic Steeping Tips: Use filtered or spring water, whenever possible. Don’t over boil water. Remove leaves after recommended time (adjust to taste).

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