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Your Favourite Tea & Lavender Store

Victorian Essence is a small Canadian family owned and operated craft business, dedicated to producing superior hand-made quality products in Canada.

Since Victorian Essence foundation in 2001, we have been delivering therapeutic benefits through a unique range of health, body and home products.

Because our health and well-being is a priority, it’s important to consider the ingredients we use in our products. Discover the natural ingredients present in our products that reflect our desire for wellness, purity and authenticity.

At Victorian Essence, we use natural ingredients and develop products that respect the environment and your well-being. Our products are made in Canada, are all-natural, are free of artificial fragrances or flavours, and are not tested on animals.

Our commitment to you is making natural products that improve your everyday life.

“I discovered this tea brand at Art in the Park in Windsor. I know a bit about teas and purchased 4 different kinds... Loved each one of them!! I am now not just addicted to teas... I am now addicted to Tea for you and me by Victorian Essence.“
Karleen Stallard

We carry premium quality products!

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