Natural Beet Sugar Crystals


Sweeten your beverage without changing its flavour. A more natural way of sweetening your tea or coffee.

Size: 150 mL – 5 Fl Oz Pouch
Can Make many cups, depending on your taste.

Availability: In stock

Imported from Belgium, these pure, unprocessed, all-natural, non-GMO, amber coloured beet sugar crystals are the best way to help enhance the natural sweetness of your tea without changing the flavour. Just add them to the tea leaves as your tea steeps for best flavour. The pure crystals dissolve while your tea steeps, adding a subtle sweetness that enhances the complex flavours without drowning them out. It’s the perfect complement to any of our teas or any other beverage that needs a boost. Reminiscent of uncut gem stones, they are also delicious candies that could be consumed on their own!


Can Make


  • Imported from Belgium
  • Natural Beet Sugar Crystals without additives or colouring
  • Pure, unprocessed, amber coloured, beet, rock sugar.
  • Gluten Free

Usage Tip

For a more convenient and quick usage: pre-dissolve crystals in boiling water to create a syrup base that you could add to your beverage.

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