Tea Measuring Spoon – Perfect for One Cup of Tea


Can Make 1 perfect cup of tea per 1 scoop of our tea (8 oz/240 ml per cup).

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Take the guesswork out of your tea brewing experience! This stainless steel tea spoon gives you a consistent taste every time. Brew your favourite loose leaf tea perfectly each and every time using our Perfect Tea Spoon. Simply measure the right amount of loose tea for a perfect cup of tea.
Our Perfect Tea Spoon is exactly one teaspoon and scoops up even larger tea leaves with ease. The spoon is dishwasher safe and its polished finish will keep it looking good for years to come.
Simple and practical for daily use! So, what are you waiting for? It’s time you got brewing!


Can Make


  • Heavy-made spoon design
  • One teaspoon per scoop
  • Wide handle for easy grip
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Dishwasher safe
  • No mess
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