Lavender Relief Pillows


Multi-Use, Hot & Cold Therapy Relief Pillows filled with French Lavender Dried Flower Buds and Flax Seeds.

Our Handmade, all-natural, Heat & Cold Therapy Pillows are made with 100% cotton fabric, filled with 100% natural flax seeds & French Lavender buds. Lavender buds soothe, calm and hold their essence a very long time. Flax seeds provide a prolonged moist heat or cold therapy that is very effective in relieving pain.
Simple and practical for daily use! So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to enjoy the intoxicating and calming scent of lavender in these pillows!

Description of Choices

Yoga Eye & Sinus Relief Pillow
This pillow is about 8”x4” inches, sewn with a little cut-out so it could rests over the arch of your nose without exerting pressure on your eyes to cut-out light and enjoy a rejuvenating nap!

  • For Yoga, the weight of the pillow provides a gentle pressure on the eyes and total darkness, promoting complete relaxation. Use at room temperature.
  • Warm Sinus Therapy (heat briefly 20 to 30 seconds in microwave): use over the forehead to soothe and relieve Sinuses and tension headaches. CAUTION: If too hot for comfort, let cool before use.
  • Cold Relief Therapy (cool in freezer): use to soothe tired, strained, puffy eyes and to reduce Migraine Headache pain.

Neck & Shoulder Multi-Use Wrap Relief Pillow
This pillow is about two feet long, sewn in THREE SECTIONS so that the lavender and flax seeds don’t gather at one end. It also makes it easy to fold to double or triple the weight to a specific area of your body, if needed. It can help relieve aches and pains, cramps, stiff joints, neck, shoulders and back, symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, back pain due to pregnancy, achy knees and hips. On a cold night, pre-warm your bed, place on your lap or shoulders for that extra bit of warmth!

  • Heat therapy: Warm briefly (60 to 90 seconds) in microwave on high. Heat therapy could last up to 40 minutes, longer under a blanket or in bed. Reheat for 30 to 40 seconds more. CAUTION: If too hot for comfort, let cool before use.
  • Cold Therapy: Cool in freezer. Cold therapy will last about 30 minutes.

Combo Set – Both Relief Pillow sizes ($5 off per set)
Enjoy the best of both worlds! Both sizes will provide you with the ultimate therapy.


  • Very fragrant and high quality French Lavender
  • Lavender is naturally calming, soothing and relaxing
  • Helps relieve headaches pain and congestion
  • Use cold to reduce swelling or relieve headache pain
  • Helps with insomnia, anxiety, depression and mood disturbances
  • Generous sizes, Premium natural ingredients and soft fabric that provide the right coverage, comfort and are long-lasting.
  • The perfect weight, thanks to the Flax Seeds.
  • Easy to travel with
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